We are proud to announce WWR-11.

This will be the debut of Danish artist Hjalte Ross.

The record will have an official release the 15th of November 2018 - and also this time, there's a limited colored press only to be bought on the page.

Pre-order will be up in the near future.


Hjalte found intrigue and inspiration not just in the surrounding countryside but also later from the punk and improv scene in the nearby Aalborg, which he views as his biggest musical influence. It was reaching outside of this environment, however, that led to his astonishing debut album, Embody, a collection of nine hushed folk songs recorded with legendary producer John Wood, famed for his work with some of the true greats: Fairport Convention, The Incredible String Band, John Martyn, Cat Stevens, Nico, Sandy Denny, Nick Drake, Pink Floyd - and now Hjalte Ross. “I wrote to John in the hope of getting advice,” Hjalte explains. “Instead he got back to me right away telling me that he really liked my songs and would love to record my album. I wasn’t daunted to work with someone like John, who has been working with the people he has. I quickly found out that what makes John such a great producer is that he makes you feel so comfortable. As he says about himself: 'I’m a facilitator’. I have never trusted another person I’ve worked with so much, and I was therefore able to focus so much on my own performance.” After forging this connection, the pair came together in Hjalte’s rural family home, where Embody was first written and then later recorded. “John stayed in my childhood bedroom,” Hjalte says, “with posters on the walls of people he knew and had worked with. My parents took really good care of us, with nice dinners and a lot of wine.”


Though the Nick Drake and John Martyn comparisons are inevitable, Embody also draws upon the breath-taking isolation of songwriters such as Sibylle Baier, while Hjalte himself cites Val Stöecklein’s ‘Grey Life’ as a key influence. Written in the aftermath of Stöecklein’s hospitalization for severe mental health problems, Grey Life is a cult classic from the late 1960s, a gorgeous and downbeat collection of raw folk songs, paired with stunning string arrangements, that Hjalte instantly related to. A uniquely affecting record - all soft guitar strums and hushed, melancholy vocals - inspired by the stark isolation found in its roots, Embody signals the arrival of a special new voice, one that drifts between place and age, like stories heard in the winds of time. “I felt like writing this album solved a lot of stuff for me,” the only 21-year-old Hjalte says, “which doesn’t really make any sense, because I don’t think it does anything but asks questions.”

First single:

Hunger For The Times That We Didn't Waste

John Wood, Hjalte Ross and the legendary Erik Gleerup

I Won't Feel Well

We Are History

Chris & Steve

Both released the 5th of October. A limited colored press only available on the homepage.




It's All The Same



Strange New World

Milky White