WWR-04 How Do I - Pluto


How Do I formed in 1985 as a guitar oriented group, inspired by the likes of The Jesus And Mary Chain.

They released four albums between 1988 og 1994 before they disbanded in 1995. Throughout their carreer they moved from the noisy guiar stuff towards a more danceable and electronic sound.


Pluto, which is their third release, still has some of their noisy shoegazering sound, mixed with this new ambient space pop - with nice melodies.


You Know Nothing, You Try Too Hard

An Inside

Once again colors are changning at the home page, as time is getting closer for our 4th release (WWR-04). This will be "Pluto" by "How Do I", originally released in 1993, by the legendary Cloudland label.

Hopefully this will get a release early in 2018, and so far the plan is the 12th of January.

Furthermore, we already have the material ready for the 5th release (WWR-05). Once we've got money on the account, this will go into press. More news about this at a later point.



The testpressing, will be send from Optimal on november 9th, and once we approve it - we will set up a preorder for the record on the homepage. All records, will this time be numbered, and furthermore, there will be a special treat for the quick on the home page as well.

Our third Release WWR-03

Olesen-Olesen 'Solsort Og Forstærker.




Hvad kan jeg se frem til

Mit job



Rhonda Harris - The Trouble With Rhonda Harris





Avalanche (Cohen)

Not A Young Man Anymore

Early 2017 we released our first release (WWR-01) Dean & Britta's '13 Most Beautiful Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests' on double vinyl. This will be 3 sides playable and a limited, numbered pressing of 500 copies.




Eyes in my smoke

Herringbone Tweed

Teenage Lightning