WWR-08, will be the fantastic solo record MT from Chick Graning. This release is a forgotten treasure, which very few people know about. Chick was originally in the groups Anesthesia Screamed and Scarce.

Scarce was poised for a national breakthrough in the late 90’s when the lead singer in June 1995, Graning suffered a brain haemorrhage. He was discovered by his bandmates; bass player Joyce Raskin and new drummer Joseph Propatier, who broke into his apartment, concerned after he didn’t turn up for a rehearsal. Their swift action saved his life, but he was in a coma for 18 days. Six months later Scarce were back on the road, playing to promote their now delayed album, but Graning wasn’t ready and the band split in late 1997.

After the break up of scarce Chick’s been little active in the music business, but released one solo record, with a rocking trio. A record which deserves to be heard, but very few people know about.

The release will have a redesigned cover, with an original painting of Joyce Raskin - who was the bas player and did all the artwork for Scarce.


Furthermore, we've already ordered the masters for the following two releases, WWR-09 and WWR-10. These will be by Chris Cacavas and Steve Wynn, which we very happy about.




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