It's an honor to get to work with your heroes. We at WWR are proud to release the second album "Back Numbers"  by Dean & Britta. This is both D&B's second album and the second for us to release.
We will receive the testpressing at the end of April and if everything turns out perfect, we will set up a preorder for the lp, expected an official release at the end of May 2019.

Once again there will be a limited colored variant only to be bought at the homepage here, and this is strictly one copy each customer.

Sadly shipping prices abroard are high - it costs 13 euros to ship to all foreign countries. The good thing is - that the prices is the same for up to 7 lp's - so if you know anyone who also wants a copy - it's not that bad ;-)

NB: The track sequence has been changed from the CD issue. Both to fullfill the wish from Dean, but also to fit the lp format better. 

Words We Used To Say

Me & My Babies

Review from Parasites And Syscopants:

Two years on from the last Luna LP “Rendezvous” and four years from the couple’s debut album “L’ Avventura“ –Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips follows up with the excellent “Back Numbers” (Zoe Records). The record floats in with the atmospheric simplicity of intro track “Singer Sing”, giving way to the albums first single and video “Words You Used To Say” – a beautifully crafted song which picks up where Luna left off – complete with Wareham’s signature lead guitar sound. Throughout the LP swirls of casio keyboards, Electribe (provided by former Spacemen 3 Sonic Boom) vibraphone – set the tone for the 11 songs featured. Britta Phillips is featured more prominently this time out – the very 60’s elegant pop of “You Turned Around”, “White Horses”, and “Say Goodnight” are perfect vehicles for Phillips honey sweet vox. Dean and Britta duet on several tracks, highlighted by the sing along of “The Sun Is Still Sunny.” Nice soothing sounds – already a choice for best of 2007.

Lee Hazlewood cover - You Turn My Head Around