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The 18th of August there will we a double release on Wouldn' Waste Records. The first one will be the Rhonda Harris lp already metioned, and the second is by Olesen-Olesen and is called 'Solsort Og Forstærker'.


The Rhonda Harris lp is already produced and in the house.

A special treat for the first 100 orders on the homepage, will be a numbered promo photo - and a nice one we dug out for you....


We just approved the test pressing of Olesen-Olesen, and it sound amazing. For this we have a speciel treat of a colored vinyl pressing, to the first 100 orders left at the homepage. The remaing copies will be black.


Both records are ready to be preordered now. The price for these shipment included will be the same at the price in the shops.


There's few copies left of the limited issues. So don't sleep!!



Solsort og Forstærker is the 6th release by brothers Henrik and Peter Olesen and their band Olesen-Olesen. This is also the first time that they've been released on vinyl.


We have been following them for many years, since the early 90's in the english sund band Greene, and later when they started out using their danish language.

It's been a dream for several years for us to release records by Olesen-Olsens - and we would love to release more of their material.


Jeg lytter til country langt ude på landet

Not A Young Man Anymore

These will not be here for long now - we're down to about 40 copies left.


Early 2017 we released Dean & Britta's '13 Most Beautiful Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests' on double vinyl. This will be 3 sides playable and a limited, numbered pressing of 500 copies.




Teenage Lightning

Eyes in my smoke

Herringbone Tweed

Dean Wareham was born in Wellington, New Zealand, on August 1, 1963. In 1977, Wareham and his parents relocated to New York City. Wareham then moved to Boston to attend college. After spending a year in Germany, Wareham returned to Boston in 1987 and formed Galaxie 500 with his high-school and college buddies Damon Krukowski (drums) and Naomi Yang (bass). Although Galaxie 500 received little mainstream recognition, the band's languorous, narcotic rhythms -- recalling the Velvet Underground and Joy Division -- had a significant impact in shaping alternative subgenres such as shoegazer and slowcore. Wareham recorded three albums with Galaxie 500 before leaving the group in 1991.


A year later, Wareham started Luna with Justin Harwood (bass) of the Chills and Stanley Demeski (drums) from the Feelies. Luna recorded their debut full-length, Lunapark, for Elektra Records. The track "Slash Your Tires" was a minor hit on modern rock stations, but Luna's subsequent commercial failures diminished the label's faith in the group's ability to attract a bigger audience. Elektra dropped the band before its fifth album, The Days of Our Nights, was even released; it was distributed in 1999 by Jericho instead. The lack of major-label support did nothing to diminish Luna's adoring fan base. Wareham et al. issued Luna Live (Arena Rock Recording Company) in 2001. Around this time, Harwood left Luna and was replaced by former Belltower and Ultrababyfat bassist/vocalist Britta Phillips. Phillips, who had also supplied the singing voice for Gem on the iconic '80s cartoon Gem and the Holograms, would become an integral part of Luna, appearing on their acclaimed 2002 release, Romantica. In 2003, Wareham and Phillips, now romantically involved, delivered their first album as Dean & Britta, L'Avventura. Produced by Tony Visconti, the album was a breezy mixture of originals and standards inspired by the '60s pop of Serge Gainsbourg and Lee Hazlewood. The following year, Luna announced their retirement and released their seventh and final record, Rendezvous.


Wareham and Phillips continued onward after Luna split, releasing the 2006 Dean & Britta EP Words You Used to Say. The following year, Wareham and Phillips married and released the second full-length Dean & Britta album, Back Numbers, a collaboration with Pete Kember of Spacemen 3 and Experimental Audio Research. Also during this time, Wareham and Phillips supplied the soundtrack to 13 Most Beautiful: Songs for Andy Warhol Screen Tests, a film featuring several of Andy Warhol's silent-film portraits of artists like Nico and Lou Reed. Wareham followed that release with an EP, 2013's Emancipated Hearts. Produced by Papercuts frontman Jason Quever, the EP also included backing from Phillips along with drummer Anthony LaMarca. In 2014, Wareham returned with his first full-length solo album, an eponymously titled release featuring production by My Morning Jacket's Jim James.



Avalanche (Cohen)

Rhonda Harris, being the English project by Danish artist Nikolaj Nørlund.

Nørlund has been releasing records since the early 90’s. Firstly in the noise pop quintet Trains And Boats And Planes, who released three critically acclaimed records all produced by Kramer, who also amongst others produced for Galaxie 500.

After T&B&P Nørlund has released both under the name Rhonda Harris, and solo under his own name sung in Danish.


Please share and spread the word.

Sadly there's not much sound in cyberspace to promote this great record, but one song on youtube, which is the opening song and which is linked below - check it out.

The record also features a cover of Cohens Avalanche.