It's weird times in record production. Production times are insane, and we as a small company have to make long term plans. Now records released, no money earned which basically will mean, no record company. So these times are risky business.

Everything will be turned upside down, it's not given that records will come in colored limited editions, as the pressing plants requiremenst are stretching it. Some records will be very limited, some times the limited press, will be black and the rest colored - did we say it was weird times???

WWR-24 Joy Zipper 'American Whip' both limited colored(100) and black(200) editions. Total of 300. Will be out late January, early Febuary 2022

Christmas Song

WWR-26 Henrik Olesen 'Optaget & Foreviget'
Pre-order available from December 28 2021.
Limited press of 100 copies on black vinyl - remaing will be white. 

Glødepærers Poesi

For Altid