Previous Releases

WWR-01 Dean & Britta '13 Most Beautiful Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests'

Not A Young Man Anymore

Herringbone Tweed

WWR-02 Rhonda Harris 'The Trouble With Rhonda Harris'



Hvad kan jeg se frem til

WWR-03  Olesen-Olesen 'Solsort Og Forstærker'


WWR-04 How Do I - 'Pluto'

An Inside

You Know Nothing, You Try Too Hard

WWR-05 Olesen-Olesen 'Der Er Brev Fra Onkel Bob

I America'

Set Gennem En Voksende Rus

Når Man Nærmest Har Alt

WWR-06  Rhonda Harris 'Rhonda Harris'

Sweet Low Life

Think Of Me Naked

WWR-07 Greene - Lovers' Lingo

Introducing Love To A Cynic

Venus In Furs

WWR-08 Chick Graning - MT

Desperation Code


WWR-09 Chris Cacavas - Loves Been Re-Discontinued.

We Are History

It's All The Same

WWR-10 Steve Wynn - The E-Music Singles Collection

Strange New World

Milky White

WWR-11 Hjalte Ross - Embody

Hunger For The Times That We Didn't Waste

Come By

WWR-12 Olesen-Olesen - Indenlands Udenbys

Sommerferie Zimmerroom

Jysk Beatnik

WWR-13 Dean & Britta - Back Numbers

Words We Used To Say

Me & My Babies

WWR-14 Port Friendly - Welcome To Port Friendly


The Sweetest Girl

WWR-15 Wake Ooloo - Hear No Evil

Time To Go

Fourty Days

WWR-16 The Relict - Tomorrow Is Again